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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Color As You Emboss

Today I used my Tsueniko Splendor Multi-color pigment stamp pad and a two-toned Moon Glow , embossing powder called Angel Wings Peacock, to color an image of a fan from ArtPrints.

I pressed the entire inkpad onto the stamp without moving it and then stamped onto white cardstock
and embossed it.  The combination of the multi-colored ink and iridescant embossing powder
gave me a delightful rainbow effect. I picked up and enhanced the colors with  cardstock and washi paper layers. The design I followed is  Layout  154 .

Here is the result.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Wonders of Teabagfolding

I recently entered a Challenge on Circle of Crafters to use a round tile with a square fold to make a card.  I chose one of my own folds and followed the fold steps and made quite an interesting medallion.  Because of the shape of the tile, the squash step shows white, but with the gradient tile it makes a pretty impact.  Here is the card I made, and I'll share the Fold Sheet here.
You can find all of my  teabag folds and tiles on my Photobucket Link.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

How To Make A Oriental Paper Knot


Design Your Own Washi Papers

Make Your Own Oriental Design Paper


  1. Mini Brayers or Rubber Brayer
  2. Brilliance inks (assorted shades)
  3. Oriental Stamps (small designs)
  4. Plain sheet 81/2 11 paper
  5. White cardstock
Masking Paper:
Fold the sheet of paper in half, Free hand draw
Approx. six evenly spaced wavy lines and cut each one
up to the center of the page. 

Place half a sheet of white cardstock on the top half of the page and close the cut strips of paper over it.  Ink your brayer with the first shade of Brilliance ink and open the first strip of paper and brayer the cardstock underneath, Close the strip of paper and open the next one, brayer the next color and close the strip and continue across the page until you have colored  all the cardstock.You can use mini brayers, one for each color or use just the end of a large rubber brayer and run the color off between each application.

The next step is to use your gold, silver and copper inks
And using the masking strips again stamp your chosen designs on each strip of color.

Use the following grid as a guide for colors and stamp choices.

Click on the picture to enlarge.

Here is a card made from the results.

You can try endless combinations of inks and stamps.

I’ll look forward to your results.

Please leave a comment below with a link to your artwork and have fun creating.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kokeshi Doll

I have become active in a Group that enjoys Oriental Stamp Art.
I didn't have a Kokeshi Doll Stamp so I paper pieced this little dear.
I think collage is my favorite medium...well
all paper is my favorite medium .