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Friday, January 20, 2012

Wonders of Teabagfolding

I recently entered a Challenge on Circle of Crafters to use a round tile with a square fold to make a card.  I chose one of my own folds and followed the fold steps and made quite an interesting medallion.  Because of the shape of the tile, the squash step shows white, but with the gradient tile it makes a pretty impact.  Here is the card I made, and I'll share the Fold Sheet here.
You can find all of my  teabag folds and tiles on my Photobucket Link.



  1. Ohhhh...tea bag folding, I've not done that in a while. Now I want to do it for my next project!

    I love everything about this card and the pretty bright paper you used for the medallion. I checked out photobucket, but did not see the tutorial for this lovely fold. Do you have one you are willing to share?

    Thank you for the tutorial in the post! I am definately going to try it :o)

  2. Whooo hoo, I can hardly wait to see more tutorals :o) Thank you

  3. thank you suz, this is an all time favourite fold.. very clever invention!


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