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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Paper Crafter’s Optimizing PC Use

1. Using the Search Feature :

Many of us use our computers for saving images and download so many,
  it is sometimes difficult to locate the one we want without a big long
  search for it. 
 The trick is to give it a simple category name when saving it and save it to a sub-folder  in your Crafts folder that has an easily remembered name. 
So if you have a main folder called Papercrafts make a Sub folder eg.,Oriental - save all your images there  in more subfolders eg., Geishas,Cranes, Samurais, Backgrounds. etc

Now if you forget where you saved your Samuaris you can do a Search in the main Paper Crafts Folder.  Search Bar is located on top right of Window. Enter: Samauris
 There, you see your Samurai…now R Click on  the image, then Properties and
look at Location. If it is a long file name use your left arrow  to read across it.
 Now you can go and find the whole folder.
You can locate most any file this way.

 2. Customize Your Screensaver

 You can also make your main screensaver into a slide show of all your papercaft image files.
  Say, you have a folder that you have named Cut-Outs where you save all your vintage photos or collage pretties. If you would like to be reminded of what you have in there:

Go to Contol Panel:
Click on Personalization
Change Screensaver
In the drop down box select Photos
Click Settings
 then Browse
Find the folder you want to show, and click on it.
You can select the theme and speed. (I like the collage effect)
Then  Apply.

Now whenever your screensaver comes on you can be reminded of
 all the images you have saved for collage or cardmaking.
  1. Side Bar Slideshow
  If you have Vista you can create little slideshows of your craft images.
   Once you have created these they will play on the side of your Desktop and you can be reminded of images you have saved when you see them rotate by.

Control Panel
      Click on Personalization.
      CLICK SideBar
     Add Gadgets to Sidebar

The small screen will appear in your sidebar.  Now hover the mouse over the top left corner and you will see a little wrench icon. Click on that and from the drop down
 browse and choose a folder and the transition mode.
      Click OK

More info on SideBar Gadgets here:

Suzanne Delaney

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Don't Foget Your Eyelets

Now I have a cropodile- it is so quick and easy to add the finishing touch of eyelets.
They give your cards that extra pizzaz and you can use them in more places than just the corners.
Here are ten different ways you can use them.

1. Attaching vellum or washi paper.

2. To "hang" things from-
- Charms
- Signs
- Tags

3. Centre of flowers.

4. Corners of picture mats.
5. Attach elements on a card by wrapping wire or fibre ,
    string thread, embroidery floss, raffia, or twine, etc through eyelets

6. Ends of antenna on a butterfly or dragonfly or for dots in the wings.

 7. Making a rotating circle. Do not set as tightly as normal, so the eyelet will pivot.

 8. In the hole of a tag to thread yarn, raffia, or ribbon through.

 9. Centre of a pinwheel, or to attach a tassle to a fan.

10. Stepping stones on a garden layout .