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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Inspiration is a Curious Thing

Most of you know that I am torn between many passions and poetry is one of them.
Imagine my delight when I discovered that Walt Whitman was into paper butterflies.
Here is a picture of the famous poet posing with his paper butterfly and a close-up of the butterfly with the message it carries.   I love to combine words with my art and especially affirmative words.

When I work I have the whole room strewn with all the bits and pieces I never take the time to put away and suddenly my eye will be caught by a very unexpected 'marrying' of two elements that I would never of thought of, unless like in this situation of random chaos, I see them side by side.

It is almost like an intuitive leap of faith which is really what art and discovery is all about.
Please enjoy these pictures of Walt Whiman and one of my affirmation collages.


  1. this layout is alsome I wished i had this in my head to do will its oin my head but has come out in my lay out just yet very niceley done SUZ.....

    MaryRedford OSA.

  2. wow love your thoughts and work here just found your blog through OSA and joined it too as want to keep tabs on your great work!! God bless, Shaz in oz.x
    PS you may not agree but your "commenters" will love it if you remove your pleas prove I am not a robot..

    If you would like to remove it please go to your dashboard ->
    Select Settings -> select comments -> unselect word verification!

    and JOY! no more word verification had to reload this three times you see very annoying


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